About Junior Knights

Junior Knights is a free program offered to area middle and high school students that introduces computer programming to those who don’t have courses at their own high school and allows students who have programmed before to improve their skills.

Each semester, depending on the students we have, we offer a variety of classes. We currently have three classes:

(1) C programming – for students who previously took Junior Knights or have other background.

(2) Python programming – for high school students with little or no background who have yet to take Pre-Calculus

(3) C programming – for students new to programming who are in Pre-Calculus or a higher mathematics course.

Note: Inherently there’s no need to know any more math to learn C than Python. The reason for splitting the courses in that manner is that Python is a bit more forgiving of a language for beginners and we can consistently offer homework questions to both groups that mirror their mathematical ability.

TheĀ 10-12 Saturdays are meant to form a cohesive course, so consistent attendance is a must. Since some of the students will be new while others have been in the program for a semester, the class won’t run like a straight lecture. Rather, each class will probably break up into groups so that varying levels of knowledge can be accommodated. Students will have 1 1/2 hours out of the three to work on their homework assignments and are expected to complete their homework at home during the course of the week.