Introduction to C

Junior Knights Introduction to C: Schedule, Notes, Assignments
Date Lecture Topic Notes Example Programs Assignments Solutions
2/1/2014 Input, Output, Variables, Assignment Statement Introduction, Input   welcome.c, hello.c, esc_seq.c, feetrun_v1.c, feetrun_v2.c, feetrun_v3.c, age_inc.c, babysit_v1.c, babysit_v2.c, babysitwrong.c Week #1 Homework ucfintro.c, partB.doc, movie.c
2/8/2014 Arithmetic Expressions Arithmetic Expressions tax.c, grade.c, height.c, parity.c, digit.c, digit-v2.c, pizza.c Week #2 Homework money.c, PartB.docx, lemonade.c
2/15/2014 If Statement If Statement pizza.c, candy.c, candy2.c, grade.c, reading.c, solveline.c, leapyear.c Week #3 Homework beach.c, chore.c, VideoGameSystem.c, fieldtrip.c, scholarship.c, honors.c, trackmeet.c, workerpay.c
2/22/2014 For Loop For Loop lovec1.c, lovec2.c, count1.c, sum1.c, sum2.c, sum3.c, sum4.c, tipchart.c, maxlist.c Week #4 Homework Copy.c, NewYearsCountdown.c, Sequence1.c, Sumseq.c, Decay.c
3/8/2014 While Loop While Loop physics.c,loopclearsscreen.c, loopclearscreen-v2.c, loopclearscreen-v3.c, loopclearscreen-v4.c, loopclearscreen-v5.c, guess.c, bank.c Week#5 Homework decay2.c, fact.c, power.c, prime.c, xyz.c
3/15/2014 Nested Loops Nested Loops square.c, rectangle.c, triangle.c, prime-v1.c, prime-v2.c Week #6 Homework para.c, triangle-v2.c, abundant.c
3/15/2014 Arrays Array Notes printreverse.c, searcharray-v1.c, searcharray-v2.c, maxarray.c, pizza.c Week #7 Homework stock.c
4/5/2014 Functions that return values Functions areas.c, fact-func.c, fact-func-v2.c, combo-func.c, powersum.c Week #8 Homework abundant-func.c, prime-func.c, numdiv-func.c, sumseq-func.c
4/12/2014 Void Functions Void Functions funcstars.c, funcstars2.c Week #9 Homework funcstars3.c
4/19/2014 Functions and Arrays  Functions-Arrays   fruitstand.c,arrayfuncex.c,newguessgame.c Week #10 Homework fruitstandv2.c, arrayfunctv2.c, guessgame.c, guessgame2.c, guessgame3.c
4/26/2014 Strings Strings charcount.c,, freq.c, freq2.c, input.txt, alphafind.c Week #11 Homework alphafindfirst.c, numberEs.c, substring.c, subsequence.c
5/3/2014 Array Program Week #12 Homework, mastermind-framework.c mastermind.c