Brian Williamson

Brian Williamson

Brian has been on the ISUE research staff since 2010. Before that he was a Computer Science student at UCF from fall 2002 to fall 2009 where he obtained both a bachelor's degree and Master's degree while working with the ISUE RCE. Some of his expertise and interests in the field include video game design, user interfaces, military applications, GPS/INS, embedded real time system development and digital artwork development.

Brian's current project includes a multi-modal system solution for navigation of a 3D scene along with the aid of a tablet PC.

His previous projects have included the use of Wiimote technology to track users in sports games for exercise motivation and to show the benefit of natural interface capabilities with low cost hardware. He has also worked on a soldier training platform that made use of multiple Kinects in order to track a user with real time precision in a small area, while also recognizing where they were aiming in any direction, if they were running in place, crouching, or jumping. All of which would combine into a natural full body interface using low cost hardware that did not add any additional weight or encumbrance to the soldier in training.



  • Brian dressed as a pirate
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