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About the Project

The VRS-1 Analog/Digital Guitar Synthesizer is a senior design project for the University of Central Florida EECS department. The main goals of the project were funcionality, accuracy, and portability. It features a multitude of effects including tremelo, arpeggiation, envelope control, LFO, and vibrato, and allows for a vast array of wave shaping choices that help the musician to achieve the desired sound. The device uses a hexaphonic pickup that allows for polyphonic playing, with each string having its own wave-shaping controls. The standard output works with any amplifier's line level audio input.

Group Members

Erin Browning  

Erin Browning is an Electrical Engineering Student graduating from UCF in May 2011. She currently works in the power generation industry for Turbine Technology Services. She has a passion for music and jumped on board with the guitar synthesizer project because she knew it would involve engineering practices that are different from her past experiences.

Erin Browning
Matthew Mohn  

Matthew Mohn is currently a senior at UCF studying Electrical Engineering and plans on graduating in May 2011. His interests are in analog and digital signal processing as well as microcontrollers with a focus on media applications such as musical equipment. He also designs and sells guitar effects to musicians across the Orlando area.

Matthew Mohn
Michael Senejoa  

Michael Senejoa is a musician and currently a senior at the University of Central Florida. He plans to graduate with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering in May of 2010 and pursue a career in audio signal processing.

Michael Senejoa
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