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Title: Autonomous Robotic Systems EEL 5669, All Sections

Schedule: M/W, 1:30P - 2:45P

Location: ENG1 O386A

Instructor: Aman Behal

Grader: N/A

Office 1: Research Pavilion, Room #406, 407-882-2820

Office Hours: Continuous over email, office visit by appointment

Email: abehal@ucf.edu

Textbook:  Spong Hutchinson and Vidyasagar, Robot Modeling and Control, John Wiley and Sons, (ISBN: 978-0-471-64990-8).           

Reference 1:  Zhihua Qu, Cooperative Control of Dynamical Systems: Applications to Autonomous Vehicles, Springer Verlag, London 2009. (ISBN 978-1-84882-324-2)            

Reference 2:  Dixon, Dawson, Zergeroglu, and Behal, Nonlinear Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots, Springer-Verlag (ISBN:1852334142).            

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Course Outline:

Course Topics: 1) Introduction 2) Robot Manipulator kinematics and dynamics 3) Analysis and feedback control of linear time invariant systems 4) Position and Force Control 5) Visual Servoing 6) Typical robotic vehicles and their models 7) Path planning and open-loop control 8) Cooperative systems 9) Formation control

Learning Objectives:

We will introduce students to robot manipulators and robotic vehicles with emphasis on kinematics, dynamics, trajectory planning, regulation and tracking, formation control, and cooperative rules and behaviors of robotic vehicles. It should be a fun course and useful as well what with robotics taking off in a major way worldwide in warfare, rehabilitation, surgery, recreation, manufacturing among many other exciting applications.

Homeworks and Tests:

  • 3-4 homework assignments @60%
  • Final course project @40%

An explanation of the method used to determine the course grade:

  • Plus/Minus grading system will be followed.
  • Letter grading is NOT based on absolute numerical points, it is based on your performance relative to class average

Note: All course information will be made available on the course webpage and will also be announced during lecture. Email communication will be sent to your official (knights) email account when assignments/course project are posted.

Contact information for the course instructor:  I have an open door policy. If I am available and there are no urgent deadlines, I will see you. However, you may have to track me down to one of my offices. Best way to reach me is on email, I respond very quickly.