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Preface [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Gary T. Leavens, Iowa State University
Murali Sitaraman, West Virginia University

Extending the applicability of formal verification techniques [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Dean Allemang, Organon Motives, Inc.

Specifying Dynamism in Software Architectures [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Robert Allen, Carnegie Mellon University
Rémi Douence, Carnegie Mellon University and INRIA
David Garlan, Carnegie Mellon University

Towards a Model For Composed Extensible Components [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Uwe Assmann, Universität Karlsruhe
Rainer Schmidt, FZI Karlsruhe

Context Sensitivity and Ambiguity in Component-based System Design [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Stephen J. Bespalko, Sandia National Laboratories
Alexander Sindt, Sandia National Laboratories

A Plea for Grey-Box Components [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Martin Büchi, Turku Centre for Computer Science
Wolfgang Weck, Turku Centre for Computer Science

On the Composition and Extension of Software Components [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Carlos Canal, University of Málaga
Ernesto Pimentel, University of Málaga
José M. Troya, University of Málaga

Specifying component-based software architectures [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
P. Ciancarini, University of Bologna
S. Cimato, University of Bologna

An Extension of Logical Formalisms to Simulate System Behaviors [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Alain Cougoulic, France Télécom

Automated Analysis of Software Frameworks [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Matthew B. Dwyer, Kansas State University

Reuse by Contract [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Bernd Fischer, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Gregor Snelting, Technische Universität Braunschweig

The Convenience for a Notation to Express Non-Functional Characteristics of Software Components [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Xavier Franch, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Semantic Spaces for Specifications and Templates [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
David S. Gibson, The Ohio State University
Bruce W. Weide, The Ohio State University

Invariants as Design Templates in Object-based Systems [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
S.J. Goldsack, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
K. Lano, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
E. Dürr, Utrecht University

Formal Models of Process Components [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Peter Henderson, University of Southampton

Monotonicity and Lattices as a Foundation of Component-Based Systems [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Philipp Heuberger, Turku Centre for Computer Science and Åbo Akademi

Interactive Animation needs Components [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
C. Huizing, Eindhoven University of Technology
B. Barenbrug, Eindhoven University of Technology

An Approach to an RM-ODP Toolkit in Z [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
D. Randolph Johnson, National Security Agency
Haim Kilov, IBM and Merrill Lynch

Composition of Reactive System Components [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
K. Lano, Imperial College
J. Bicarregui, Imperial College
T. Maibaum, Imperial College
J. Fiadeiro, University of Lisbon

Towards a formal composition language [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Markus Lumpe, University of Berne
Jean-Guy Schneider, University of Berne
Oscar Nierstrasz, University of Berne
Franz Achermann, University of Berne

Developing Provably Correct Programs From Object-Oriented Components [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Peter Müller, Fernuniversität
Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter, Fernuniversität

Architectural Issues in Component-Based Software Engineering [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Michael D. Rice, Wesleyan University
Stephen B. Seidman, Colorado State University

Component-based systems, composite applications and workflow-management [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Rainer Schmidt, FZI Karlsruhe

Interface Consistency [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Jørgen Staunstrup, Technical University of Denmark

Architectural Jigsaw Patterns [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Hongyan Sun, Technical University of Denmark
Anders P. Ravn, Technical University of Denmark

Validation and Verification of Timing Properties of an Architecturally Described System [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Laurent Thomas, THOMSON-CSF

Testing Formal Methods [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Jeffrey M. Voas, Reliable Software Technologies

Toward a Conceptual Foundation for Interoperation [postscript] [postscript for A4 paper]
Jack Wileden, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

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Gary T. Leavens and Murali Sitaraman
Sep. 12 1997