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Semantic Spaces for Specifications and Templates

David S. Gibson
Bruce W. Weide

Department of Computer and Information Science
The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH 43210-1277 USA
Tel: +1-614-292-1517
Fax: +1-614-292-2911
Email: {dgibson$\mid$weide}


Component-level maintenance involves changing the behavior of a system in useful and predictable ways by removing and replacing entire components. In order to perform component- level maintenance, an engineer must understand not only the structural relationships but the behavioral relationships between the component to be replaced and the potential replacement. Using mathematical modeling to help achieve this understanding entails having a single formal framework that captures the behaviors of components and systems and the meanings of various associated artifacts such as behavioral specifications. There is a rather straightforward and quite general way to do this.

Keywords: Component-based systems, formal semantics, formal specifications, maintenance, object-oriented programming, parameterized programming, templates.

Workshop Goals: Learning about related work, feedback, networking.


David S. Gibson and Bruce W. Weide
Sep. 12 1997