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Index Entry Section

]4.6 Tokens
] Type-Specs
]10.2 Dynamic Data Group Mappings
]11.3 Expressions
]11.7 Store Refs

^4.6 Tokens
^11.3 Expressions
^=4.6 Tokens
^=11.3 Expressions

_4.6 Tokens

{4.6 Tokens
{6.1 Class and Interface Definitions
{7.1.2 Field and Variable Declarations
{11.3 Expressions
{11.5 Set Comprehensions
{12. Statements and Annotation Statements
{14.5 Nondeterministic If Statement
{|4.6 Tokens
{|14.6 Specification Statements

|4.6 Tokens
|11.3 Expressions
|11.5 Set Comprehensions
|=4.6 Tokens
|=11.3 Expressions
||2.7 Expression Evaluation and Undefinedness
||4.6 Tokens
||11.3 Expressions
|}4.6 Tokens
|}14.6 Specification Statements

}4.6 Tokens
}6.1 Class and Interface Definitions
}7.1.2 Field and Variable Declarations
}11.3 Expressions
}11.5 Set Comprehensions
}12. Statements and Annotation Statements
}14.5 Nondeterministic If Statement

~4.6 Tokens
~11.3 Expressions

A4.6 Tokens
a4.6 Tokens
a-z4.6 Tokens
A-Z4.6 Tokens
abrupt-behavior-keyword, defined14.6 Specification Statements
abrupt-behavior-keyword, used14.6 Specification Statements
abrupt-spec-case, defined14.6 Specification Statements
abrupt-spec-case, used14.6 Specification Statements
abrupt_behavior4.6 Tokens
abrupt_behavior14.6 Specification Statements
abrupt_behaviour4.6 Tokens
abstract4.6 Tokens
abstract6.2 Modifiers
abstract algorithm14.1 Ideas Behind Model Programs
abstract data type1.1 Behavioral Interface Specifications
abstract data type1.5 Historical Precedents
abstract field2.2 Model and Ghost
abstract fields1.1 Behavioral Interface Specifications
abstract value1.5 Historical Precedents
abstract value, of an ADT1.1 Behavioral Interface Specifications
access control rules2.4 Privacy Modifiers and Visibility
access control, for specification cases9.3 Access Control in Specification Cases
access control, in JML2.4 Privacy Modifiers and Visibility
access control, in lightweight specifications2.4 Privacy Modifiers and Visibility
access path2.6 Locations and Aliasing
accessible4.6 Tokens
accessible9.6.2 Non-helper methods
accessible9.6.2 Non-helper methods
accessible9.9.10 Accessible Clauses
accessible clause9.9.10 Accessible Clauses
accessible clause, omitted9.9.10 Accessible Clauses
accessible-clause, defined9.9.10 Accessible Clauses
accessible-keyword, defined9.9.10 Accessible Clauses
accessible-keyword, used9.9.10 Accessible Clauses
accessible_redundantly4.6 Tokens
accessible_redundantly9.9.10 Accessible Clauses
acknowledgments1.6 Acknowledgments
active suffixes, of filenames16.1 File Name Suffixes
addition, quantified see \sum11.4.24.2 Generalized Quantifiers
additive-expr, defined11.3 Expressions
additive-expr, used11.3 Expressions
additive-op, defined11.3 Expressions
additive-op, used11.3 Expressions
ADT1.1 Behavioral Interface Specifications
alias control8.2 Invariants
alias control, universe type system for18. Universe Type System
aliased location2.6 Locations and Aliasing
aliases2.6 Locations and Aliasing
also4.6 Tokens
also9.2 Organization of Method Specifications
also13.2 Redundant Examples
also14.6 Specification Statements
also, in refinements16.4 Type Checking Refinements
alternative-statements, defined14.4 Nondeterministic Choice Statement
alternative-statements, used14.4 Nondeterministic Choice Statement
and-expr, defined11.3 Expressions
and-expr, used11.3 Expressions
annotation4.4 Annotation Markers
annotation comments1.2 A First Example
annotation context2.4 Privacy Modifiers and Visibility
annotation markers, syntax4.4 Annotation Markers
annotation-marker, defined4.4 Annotation Markers
annotation-marker, used4. Lexical Conventions
annotations and tools4.4 Annotation Markers
annotations vs. comments4.4 Annotation Markers
annotations, and documentation comments4.5 Documentation Comments
annotations, splitting across lines4.4 Annotation Markers
Arnold1. Introduction
array types, default ownership modifiers for18.5 Default Ownership Modifiers
array types, ownership modifiers for18.4 Ownership Modifiers for Array Types
array, element type expression11.4.17 \elemtype
array, specifying elements are non-null11.4.14 \nonnullelements
array-decl, defined11.3 Expressions
array-decl, used11.3 Expressions
array-initializer, defined7.1.2 Field and Variable Declarations
array-initializer, defined11.3 Expressions
array-initializer, used7.1.2 Field and Variable Declarations
array-initializer, used11.3 Expressions
assert4.6 Tokens
assert12.3 Assert Statements
assert, in JML vs. Java12.3 Assert Statements
assert-redundantly-statement, defined12.3 Assert Statements
assert-redundantly-statement, used12.4 JML Annotation Statements
assert-statement, defined12.3 Assert Statements
assert-statement, in JML vs. Java12.3 Assert Statements
assert-statement, used12. Statements and Annotation Statements
assert_redundantly4.6 Tokens
assert_redundantly12.3 Assert Statements
assertion, expressions for use in11.1 Predicates
assertions, and exceptions2.7 Expression Evaluation and Undefinedness
assertions, validity of2.7 Expression Evaluation and Undefinedness
assignable1.2 A First Example
assignable1.2 A First Example
assignable4.6 Tokens
assignable9.6.2 Non-helper methods
assignable9.6.2 Non-helper methods
assignable9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
assignable clause1.2 A First Example
assignable clause9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
assignable clause, omitted9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
assignable clauses, and information hiding10. Data Groups
assignable clauses, and model fields9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
assignable, in comparing specifications13.1 Redundant Implications and Redundantly Clauses
assignable-clause, defined9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
assignable-clause, used14.6 Specification Statements
assignable-keyword, defined9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
assignable-keyword, used9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
assignable_redundantly4.6 Tokens
assignable_redundantly9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
assignbable-clause, usedSyntax
assignment-expr, used11.3 Expressions
assignment-expr, used12.4.2 Set Statements
assignment-op, defined11.3 Expressions
assignment-op, used11.3 Expressions
assume4.6 Tokens
assume12.4.1 Assume Statements
assume-keyword, defined12.4.1 Assume Statements
assume-keyword, used12.4.1 Assume Statements
assume-statement, defined12.4.1 Assume Statements
assume-statement, used12.4 JML Annotation Statements
assume-statement, used14.5 Nondeterministic If Statement
assume_redundantly4.6 Tokens
assume_redundantly12.4.1 Assume Statements
assuming, an invariant8.2 Invariants
augmented pre-state9.6.2 Non-helper methods
augmenting methods17.1 Augmenting Method Declarations
axiom4.6 Tokens
axiom8.6 Axioms
axiom, frame9.9.9 Assignable Clauses
axiom-clause, defined8.6 Axioms
axiom-clause, used8. Type Specifications

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