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Packages that use LinkedHashSet
org.jmlspecs.checker Contains the source code for a parser and typechecker for JML annotations and java code. 
org.jmlspecs.jmldoc The jmldoc tool documents java programs that contain JML (Java Modeling Language) annotations included as specially formatted comments; the generated html pages are very similar to those produced by javadoc, but with annotation information added. 
org.jmlspecs.jmlrac Generates Java classes from JML specifications that check assertions at runtime. 
org.jmlspecs.jmlspec A tool that can generate or compare specification skeletons from Java source or class files. 
org.jmlspecs.jmlunit Generates JUnit test classes from JML specifications. 
org.multijava.mjc Implements mjc, a MultiJava compiler. 
org.multijava.mjdoc The mjdoc tool documents java programs that contain MultiJava (MJ) extensions to the Java progamming language; it produces html pages very similar to those produced by the javadoc tool. 
org.multijava.util.backend Provides an optimizer for methods for the compilers in MultiJava and the Java Modeling Language
org.multijava.util.classfile Provides an editor for classfiles used by MultiJava and the Java Modeling Language
org.multijava.util.lexgen Provides a lexer for the compilers of MultiJava and the Java Modeling Language
org.multijava.util.optimize Provides an optimizer for classfiles used by MultiJava and the Java Modeling Language
org.multijava.util.testing Provides JUnit testing utilities for all of the parts of MultiJava and the Java Modeling Language

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.jmlspecs.checker

Fields in org.jmlspecs.checker declared as LinkedHashSet
private  LinkedHashSet JmlAssignableFieldSet.theFieldSet

Methods in org.jmlspecs.checker that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet JmlVersionOptions.getLongname()
 LinkedHashSet JmlCommonOptions.getLongname()
 LinkedHashSet JmlOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.jmlspecs.jmldoc

Methods in org.jmlspecs.jmldoc that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet JavadocOptions.getLongname()
 LinkedHashSet JmldocOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.jmlspecs.jmlrac

Methods in org.jmlspecs.jmlrac that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet RacOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.jmlspecs.jmlspec

Methods in org.jmlspecs.jmlspec that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet JspOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit

Methods in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet JntOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.jmlspecs.util.dis

Methods in org.jmlspecs.util.dis that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet JDisOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.dis

Methods in org.multijava.dis that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet DisOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.mjc

Methods in org.multijava.mjc that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet MjcCommonOptions.getLongname()
 LinkedHashSet MjcOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.mjdoc

Methods in org.multijava.mjdoc that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet JavadocOptions.getLongname()
 LinkedHashSet MjdocOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.util

Methods in org.multijava.util that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet Options.getLongname()
          Returns the longname

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.util.backend

Methods in org.multijava.util.backend that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet BackendOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.util.classfile

Methods in org.multijava.util.classfile that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet ClassfileOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.util.lexgen

Methods in org.multijava.util.lexgen that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet LexgenOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.util.optimize

Methods in org.multijava.util.optimize that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet OptimizeOptions.getLongname()

Uses of LinkedHashSet in org.multijava.util.testing

Methods in org.multijava.util.testing that return LinkedHashSet
 LinkedHashSet TestingOptions.getLongname()


JML is Copyright (C) 1998-2002 by Iowa State University and is distributed under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This release depends on code from the MultiJava project and is based in part on the Kopi project Copyright (C) 1990-99 DMS Decision Management Systems Ges.m.b.H.