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Packages that use FloatIterator
org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies The types in this package are used in providing test data for JML/JUnit testing. 
org.jmlspecs.models This package is a collection of types with immutable objects; it also enumerators (which have mutable objects) for the types of the immutable collections in the package. 

Uses of FloatIterator in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies

Classes in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies that implement FloatIterator
 class FloatAbstractFilteringIteratorDecorator
          An filtering decorator for an indefinite iterator over type float.
(package private)  class FloatAbstractFilteringStrategyDecorator.NewIter
 class FloatAbstractIterator
          Common code for iterators over values of type float that implement the FloatIterator interface.
 class FloatArrayIterator
          A FloatIterator over arrays of float elements.
 class FloatCompositeIterator
          Composition of several FloatIterators.
 class FloatNonNegativeIteratorDecorator
          An indefinite iterator that filters out negative test data.

Fields in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies declared as FloatIterator
private  FloatIterator FloatAbstractFilteringIteratorDecorator.rawElems
private  FloatIterator[] FloatCompositeIterator.iters
          The iterators that are being sequenced

Methods in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies that return FloatIterator
abstract  FloatIterator FloatStrategyType.floatIterator()
          Compute a fresh FloatIterator, which can be used to provide test data of type float.
 FloatIterator FloatExtensibleStrategyDecorator.floatIterator()
 FloatIterator FloatExtensibleStrategy.floatIterator()
 FloatIterator FloatAbstractFilteringStrategyDecorator.floatIterator()
 FloatIterator FloatCompositeStrategy.floatIterator()

Constructors in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies with parameters of type FloatIterator
FloatAbstractFilteringIteratorDecorator(FloatIterator iter)
          Initialize this iterator decorator
FloatAbstractFilteringIteratorDecorator(FloatIterator iter, float ignored)
          Partially intialize this iterator decorator, with a call to initialize needed after this call.
FloatAbstractFilteringStrategyDecorator.NewIter(FloatIterator iter)
          Initialize this iterator in two steps, to avoid downcalls during initialization that lead to null pointer exceptions.
FloatNonNegativeIteratorDecorator(FloatIterator iter)
FloatCompositeIterator(FloatIterator iter)
          Initialize this composite to iterate over the given iterator.
FloatCompositeIterator(FloatIterator iter1, FloatIterator iter2)
          Initialize this composite to iterate over the given iterators, in order.
FloatCompositeIterator(FloatIterator[] iters)
          Initialize this composite to iterate over clones of the given iterators, in order.
FloatCompositeIterator(int currentIterator, FloatIterator[] iters)
          Initialize this composite to iterate over clones of the given iterators, in order, starting at the given current iterator.

Uses of FloatIterator in org.jmlspecs.models

Methods in org.jmlspecs.models that return FloatIterator
protected  FloatIterator JMLFloat_JML_TestData.vfloatIter(String methodName, int loopsThisSurrounds)
          Return a new, freshly allocated indefinite iterator that produces test data of type float for testing the method named by the String methodName in a loop that encloses loopsThisSurrounds many other loops.


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