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Packages that use LongAbstractStrategy
org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies The types in this package are used in providing test data for JML/JUnit testing. 
org.jmlspecs.models.resolve This package is a collection of types with immutable objects based on the RESOLVE specification language's mathematical models. 
org.jmlspecs.samples.jmlkluwer This package contains samples of JML specifications from the paper "JML: a Notation for Detailed Design". 
org.jmlspecs.samples.prelimdesign This package contains samples of JML specifications from the paper Preliminary Design of JML

Uses of LongAbstractStrategy in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies

Subclasses of LongAbstractStrategy in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit.strategies
 class LongAbstractFilteringStrategyDecorator
          A decorator for strategies that filters out data that is not approved.
 class LongBigStrategy
          Slightly more extensive test data of type long.
(package private)  class LongBigStrategy.LongBigStrategy$1
 class LongCompositeStrategy
          A composition of several LongStrategys
 class LongExtensibleStrategy
          Common code for extensible strategies for providing test data of type long.
 class LongExtensibleStrategyDecorator
          A decorator for strategies (which provide test data of type type long) that allows for easy extension to the test data of the underlying strategy.
(package private)  class LongExtensibleStrategyDecorator.LongExtensibleStrategyDecorator$1
 class LongNonNegativeStrategyDecorator
          A decorator for strategies that filters out that filters out negative test data.
 class LongStrategy
          Minimal test data of type long.

Uses of LongAbstractStrategy in org.jmlspecs.models.resolve

Subclasses of LongAbstractStrategy in org.jmlspecs.models.resolve
(package private)  class NaturalNumber_JML_TestData.NaturalNumber_JML_TestData$4

Uses of LongAbstractStrategy in org.jmlspecs.samples.jmlkluwer

Subclasses of LongAbstractStrategy in org.jmlspecs.samples.jmlkluwer
(package private)  class QueueEntry_JML_TestData.QueueEntry_JML_TestData$4

Uses of LongAbstractStrategy in org.jmlspecs.samples.prelimdesign

Subclasses of LongAbstractStrategy in org.jmlspecs.samples.prelimdesign
(package private)  class USMoney_JML_TestData.USMoney_JML_TestData$4


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