Uses of Interface

Packages that use JMLComparable
org.jmlspecs.models This package is a collection of types with immutable objects; it also enumerators (which have mutable objects) for the types of the immutable collections in the package. 

Uses of JMLComparable in org.jmlspecs.models

Subinterfaces of JMLComparable in org.jmlspecs.models
 interface JMLInfiniteInteger
          Infinite precision integers with an plus and minus infinity.

Classes in org.jmlspecs.models that implement JMLComparable
 class JMLByte
          A reflection of Byte that implements JMLType.
 class JMLChar
          A reflection of Character that implements JMLType.
 class JMLDouble
          A reflection of Double that implements JMLType.
 class JMLFiniteInteger
          Arbitrary precision integers with a finite value.
 class JMLFloat
          A reflection of Float that implements JMLType.
 class JMLInfiniteIntegerClass
          Class with common code to implement JMLInfiniteInteger.
 class JMLInteger
          A reflection of Integer that implements JMLType.
 class JMLLong
          A reflection of Long that implements JMLType.
 class JMLNegativeInfinity
          Negative Infinity.
 class JMLPositiveInfinity
          Positive Infinity.
 class JMLShort
          A reflection of Short that implements JMLType.
 class JMLString
          A reflection of String that implements JMLType.


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