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Packages that use AntisymmetricCompareTo
org.jmlspecs.models.resolve This package is a collection of types with immutable objects based on the RESOLVE specification language's mathematical models. 

Uses of AntisymmetricCompareTo in org.jmlspecs.models.resolve

Subinterfaces of AntisymmetricCompareTo in org.jmlspecs.models.resolve
 interface DenselyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a dense order for their compareTo operation.
 interface PartiallyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a partial order for their compareTo operation.
 interface StrictlyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a strictly ordered compareTo operation.
 interface StrictPartiallyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a strict partially ordered compareTo operation.
 interface TotallyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a totally ordered compareTo operation.

Classes in org.jmlspecs.models.resolve that implement AntisymmetricCompareTo
 class NaturalNumber
          The natural numbers.


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