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Packages that use CompareTo
org.jmlspecs.models.resolve This package is a collection of types with immutable objects based on the RESOLVE specification language's mathematical models. 

Uses of CompareTo in org.jmlspecs.models.resolve

Subinterfaces of CompareTo in org.jmlspecs.models.resolve
 interface AntisymmetricCompareTo
          Objects with an antisymmetric compareTo operation.
 interface AsymmetricCompareTo
          Objects with an asymmetric compareTo operation.
 interface DenselyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a dense order for their compareTo operation.
 interface PartiallyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a partial order for their compareTo operation.
 interface PreorderedCompareTo
          Objects with a preorder for their compareTo operation.
 interface ReflexiveCompareTo
          Objects with a reflexive compareTo operation.
 interface StrictlyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a strictly ordered compareTo operation.
 interface StrictPartiallyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a strict partially ordered compareTo operation.
 interface SymmetricCompareTo
          Objects with a symmetric compareTo operation.
 interface TotalCompareTo
          Objects whose compareTo operation is guaranteed not to throw an UndefinedException and only throws a ClassCastException when the class of the argument prohibits comparison.
 interface TotallyOrderedCompareTo
          Objects with a totally ordered compareTo operation.
 interface TotalPreorderedCompareTo
          Objects with a total preorder for their compareTo operation.
 interface TransitiveCompareTo
          Objects with a transitive compareTo operation.
 interface TrichotomousCompareTo
          Objects with a trichotomous compareTo operation.

Classes in org.jmlspecs.models.resolve that implement CompareTo
 class NaturalNumber
          The natural numbers.


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