Interface IntegerSetInterface

All Known Implementing Classes:
IntegerSetAsHashSet, IntegerSetAsTree

public interface IntegerSetInterface

Sets of integers.

Class Specifications
instance public invariant_redundantly this.theSet != null;
instance public invariant ( \forall org.jmlspecs.models.JMLType e; this.theSet.has(e); e instanceof org.jmlspecs.models.JMLInteger);
public initially this.theSet.isEmpty();

Specifications inherited from class Object
represents objectState <- org.jmlspecs.lang.JMLDataGroup.IT;
public represents _getClass <- \typeof(this);

Model Field Summary
[instance]  JMLValueSet theSet
Method Summary
 void insert(int elem)
          Insert the given integer into this set.
 boolean isMember(int elem)
          Tell if the argument is in this set.
 void remove(int elem)
          Remove the given integer from this set.

Model Field Detail


public JMLValueSet theSet
Specifications: instance
datagroup contains: org.jmlspecs.samples.sets.IntegerSetAsHashSet.hset hset.theSet org.jmlspecs.samples.sets.IntegerSetAsTree.isEmpty org.jmlspecs.samples.sets.IntegerSetAsTree.rootValue org.jmlspecs.samples.sets.IntegerSetAsTree.left left.theSet org.jmlspecs.samples.sets.IntegerSetAsTree.right right.theSet org.jmlspecs.samples.sets.IntegerSetAsTree.parent
Method Detail


public void insert(int elem)
Insert the given integer into this set.

public normal_behavior
assignable theSet;
ensures this.theSet.equals(\old(this.theSet.insert(new org.jmlspecs.models.JMLInteger(elem))));


public boolean isMember(int elem)
Tell if the argument is in this set.

Specifications: pure
public normal_behavior
ensures \result == this.theSet.has(new org.jmlspecs.models.JMLInteger(elem));


public void remove(int elem)
Remove the given integer from this set.

public normal_behavior
assignable theSet;
ensures this.theSet.equals(\old(this.theSet.remove(new org.jmlspecs.models.JMLInteger(elem))));


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