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Workshop at ESEC/FSE 2003 - September 1-2, 2003

This workshop, affiliated with ESEC/FSE 2003 will be held in in Helsinki, Finland on September 1 and 2, 2003. Professors Manfred Broy from the Technical University Munich and Matthew Dwyer from Kansas State University will give invited talks. Two page demonstration abstracts were due August 1, 2003. Details on abstract submission follow a general description of the workshop below.

Themes and Topics of Interest

The SAVCBS workshop is focused on using formal (i.e., mathematical) techniques to establish a foundation for the specification and verification of component-based systems. Specification techniques are urgently needed to support effective reasoning about systems composed from components. Many researchers have developed tools to support various proposed techniques, and new developments in this area are of interest to workshop attendees.

We are soliciting demonstrations from researchers and practitioners in the areas of component-based software engineering and formal methods. Your demonstration should highlight the unique aspects and contributions of the tool or technique you wish to show to the workshop participants. Demo submissions will be reviewed based on their appeal to researchers and practitioners focused on the workshop's theme.


Important dates
        Submission deadline: August 1, 2003
        Notification date: August 15, 2003

To propose a demonstration for SAVCBS'03, submit a demonstration abstract via the workshop web site by August 1, 2003. Your abstract should clearly describe the problem addressed by the tool or technique, the approach embodied in the tool or technique, and the most important differences between this approach and others embodied in competing technologies. Your demonstration abstract must follow the ACM Conference format. and may not exceed two pages.

Authors of demonstrations selected for inclusion in the workshop will be notified by August 15. Accepted demonstration abstracts will be published in a special section of the workshop proceedings.


The SAVCBS 2003 workshop gratefully acknowledges financial sponsorship from Microsoft Research and NASA's Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science. We also thank the ACM for helping broker the financial support.

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Mike Barnett, Steve Edwards, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, and Gary T. Leavens

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