The table below gives the planned syllabus for the seminar. The syllabus lists the topics and papers to be discussed.

Material describing the course is available elsewhere.

Students should study the system to be discussed prior to the meeting so that they can participate in the discussion.

This syllabus is provisional and subject to change. If it is necessary to revise the schedule, then this page will be updated to reflect the changes.

Date Paper or Topic (Discussion Leader) Homework
Aug. 25 Overview, background, planning (Gary)  
Sep. 3 Alloy (Rochelle)  
Sep. 10 Alloy (Rochelle) hw1
Sep. 17 Spec# (Faraz)  
Sep. 23 Spec# (Faraz) hw2
Sep. 31 UPPAAL (Ghaith) Directory of info including tutorials.  
Oct. 8 UPPAAL (Ghaith) hw3
Oct. 15 Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner (Lotzi)  
Oct. 22 No Class  
Oct. 29 Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner (Lotzi) hw4
Nov. 5 SPIN (Faraz)  
Nov. 10 No class  
Nov. 19 SPIN (Faraz) hw5
Nov. 24 SPARK Toolset (Ghaith)  
Dec. 3 SPARK Toolset (Ghaith) hw5

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