Principal Investigator

Mingjie Lin Assistant Professor
Post-Doc Scholar
Senior Engineer

Awards and Honors

ECE Department @ UCF
EECS of UC Berkeley under Prof. Wawrzynek
FPGA startup Tabula
EE at Stanford Univ. under Prof. El Gamal

1. NSF CAREER award, CISE-SHF (ID: 1058977), 2016.
2. UCF Teaching Incentive Program (TIP) Award, 2016
3. AFOSR: Summer Faculty Fellowship Award (USAF-SFFP), 2016
4. SAIC Faculty Fellow, 2014

Dr. Mingjie Lin (Curriculum vitae)

Team Members

  • Yu Bai graduated with Ph.D. during Summer 2016. Joined California State University as a faculty member.
  • Mohammed Alawad passed Ph.D. defense exam during Summer 2016. To graduate in Fall 2016.
  • Abigail Fuentes (Ph.D. Candidate) passed qualifier exam. Expected to graduate by Summer 2017.
  • Bo Hu (Ph.D. Candidate) expected to graduate by Summer 2019.
  • Juan Escobedo Contreras (Ph.D. Student) expected to graduate by Summer 2020.
  • Stephen Williams (Ph.D. Student) expected to graduate by Summer 2021.