Intelligent Systems: Robots, Agents, and Humans

Schedule: Spring 2012, MW 12:00-1:15pm
Location: ENG 383
Professor: Dr. Gita Sukthankar
Office Hours: MW 10:00-11:30am

This course is a study of systems that exhibit intelligent attributes. We cover practical techniques for designing intelligent agents capable of planning, learning, and cooperation. There will be discussion of psychological/social ramifications of the use and creation of intelligent systems. Much of the course focuses on various challenge problems (e.g. the Trading Agent Competition and Robocup) that have been used to benchmark the performance of intelligent systems.



After completing the course, students should: Additionally, students will refine their research, writing, and presentation skills.


Students will be evaluated on 1) their command of the material contained in the papers and 2) their ability to design and implement agents using the algorithms described in the papers.


  1. Agent Components
  2. Autonomous Agent Challenge Problems
  3. Intro to Robotics
  4. Modeling Humans
  5. Current Topics

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