Introduction to Robotics (EGN 3060C)

Schedule: Fall 2012, MW 1:30-2:45pm BA 110 Lab: MW 3:00-6:00pm
Professor: Dr. Gita Sukthankar (HEC 232)
Lab Supervisor: Bulent Tastan (HEC 201)

Note: please send email if you are having trouble registering for the course or need an override



This course is designed to develop a basic level of understanding about fundamental topics in robotics. The goal is to educate students in this interdisciplinary field of engineering and computer science and to provide them with hands on robot programming experience. Students will be doing team programming assignments implementing various algorithms using TeRK (Telepresence Robot Kit) (movie of example assignment).

This course is required for the Intelligent Systems and Robotics minor (form for declaring minor).


Homework/labs (50%)
Midterm/final exam (30%)
Project (20%)


R. Murphy, Introduction to AI Robotics