My research interests during PhD lie primarily in the area of ad hoc and sensor networks, specifically in the fields of wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks, mobility modeling, and disaster resilience in networks.

I was also actively doing research in the fields such as opportunistic social networks, aerial networks, and autonomous agents.


In this webpage, I listed the main research projects that I have worked for during my PhD.

Please click on the images to access the project webpages where you can find detailed information, download links and related publications. The projects in which I have been the primary contributor are listed on the first row.

Note: The projects with webpages are shown with Project Page buttons below their cover images.

Mobility model of
theme park visitors

Project Page

Human mobility in disaster areas
Project Page

Event coverage & WSNs with mobile sinks
Project Page

Tracking pedestrians during disasters
Project Page

Actor positioning in aerial sensor networks
Project Page

Animal monitoring with UAV-aided WSNs

Opportunistic networks in campuses

Movement of robotic bodyguard teams