Remote access to the Linux Servers


Linux User


1.Right Click to open a new terminal

2.Connect to eitx server with your netid and password with the following command

  • ssh -X <NID>

note:use your UCF NID to replace the <NID> above


Macintoch User


  1. Install X11 from the Apple OS Disc or
  2. Enable X11 Forwarding
    sed 's/#X11Forwarding\ no/X11Forwarding\ yes/' /etc/sshd_config > /tmp/sshd_config
  3. Copy it to local ssh config
    sudo mv /tmp/sshd_config /etc/
  4. Open Terminal SSH to ECE servers with X11 forwarding on
    ssh -Y <NID>
For mac users who are not able to enable x11 forwarding, just do the following things in step 2:

In your terminal type the following command from any where:
ls /etc

This will list all the files and directory on /etc directory. Check if there is anything named like sshd_config. If you see this, go ahead with the command:
sed 's/#X11Forwarding\ no/X11Forwarding\ yes/' /etc/sshd_config > /tmp/sshd_config

Else, look for something named ssh. If You see that do this now
ls /etc/ssh

Now you should see sshd_config Then type the following command:
sed 's/#X11Forwarding\ no/X11Forwarding\ yes/' /etc/ssh/sshd_config > /tmp/sshd_config

Then continue the step 3 listed above.

Windows User


We suggest Xming + putty for Windows user to directly connect to our VLSI server.
  • download putty:
  • download xming and install:
    Or you may download the file HERE.
  • download xming fonts and install: (I was told that the font version downloaded from this link may not work for some Windows computer).
    Therefore, an alternative address to download the fonts is at or HERE.
  • run xming, just leave it in the background
  • start putty, with hostname being:
  • Also, on the left hand side, under connection for putty's configuration, expand the "SSH" tab and select "X11". In here, enable "X11 forwarding". You can now save this connection info in putty and start the ssh connection. Then login with your account, and you can run programs from the linux box on Windows.