University of Central Florida – Online Math Contest


Register before November 1, 2014 to participate in all 4 rounds.


Our mission can be broken down into one not so easily measureable goal and one easily measurable goal:

(a) Provide an avenue for gifted students in the Central Florida area to further improve their mathematical problem solving and communication skills.

(b) Increase the number of students in Central Florida who qualify for the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination)

With a greater emphasis on minimal standards (FCAT), often times, talented students in public high schools aren’t getting to achieve mathematically, to their potential. The goal of this program is to provide a venue for these students so they can grow mathematically, more than what their typical classes allow.

In particular, many college mathematics professors find that college freshmen are weak in their mathematical proof and writing skills. By creating questions that require detailed justifications and rewarding students for these justifications (instead of just rewarding correct answers), we hope that area students reach college with greater proficiency in proof writing and mathematical problem solving.

As a by-product of allowing talented students in the area to think about some interesting questions, we hope that more of these students will qualify to take the AIME. In the future, we may provide on-site tutoring sessions for students studying for the AIME.

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