Uses of Interface

Packages that use Map
java.lang JML Specifications for the corresponding types in the Java Developement Kit (JDK). JML Specifications for the corresponding types in the Java Developement Kit (JDK). JML Specifications for the corresponding types in the Java Developement Kit (JDK). 
java.sql JML Specifications for the corresponding types in the Java Developement Kit (JDK). 
java.util JML Specifications for the corresponding types in the Java Developement Kit (JDK). 
org.jmlspecs.jmlrac Generates Java classes from JML specifications that check assertions at runtime. 
org.jmlspecs.jmlrac.runtime Classes for use during runtime assertion checking for code compiled with JML's runtime assertion checking compiler (jmlc). 
org.jmlspecs.jmlspec A tool that can generate or compare specification skeletons from Java source or class files. 
org.jmlspecs.jmlunit Generates JUnit test classes from JML specifications. 
org.multijava.mjc Implements mjc, a MultiJava compiler. 
org.multijava.mjdoc.mjdoc_142 The mjdoc tool documents java programs that contain MultiJava (MJ) extensions to the Java progamming language; it produces html pages very similar to those produced by the javadoc tool. 

Uses of Map in java.lang

Fields in java.lang declared as Map
private  Map ClassLoader.packageAssertionStatus
(package private)  Map ClassLoader.classAssertionStatus

Uses of Map in

Methods in that return Map
 Map URLConnection.getHeaderFields()
 Map URLConnection.getRequestProperties()

Uses of Map in

Classes in that implement Map
 class Provider

Methods in with parameters of type Map
 void Provider.putAll(Map)
private  void Provider.putAllInternal(Map)

Uses of Map in java.sql

Methods in java.sql that return Map
abstract  Map Connection.getTypeMap()

Methods in java.sql with parameters of type Map
abstract  void Connection.setTypeMap(Map map)
abstract  Object ResultSet.getObject(int i, Map map)
abstract  Object ResultSet.getObject(String colName, Map map)
abstract  Object Ref.getObject(Map)
abstract  Object Array.getArray(long, int, Map)
abstract  Object Array.getArray(Map)
abstract  ResultSet Array.getResultSet(long, int, Map)
abstract  ResultSet Array.getResultSet(Map)
abstract  Object CallableStatement.getObject(int, Map)
abstract  Object CallableStatement.getObject(String, Map)

Uses of Map in java.util

Subinterfaces of Map in java.util
 interface SortedMap
          JML's specification of java.util.SortedMap.

Classes in java.util that implement Map
 class AbstractMap
 class HashMap
          JML's specification of java.util.HashMap.
 class Hashtable
          JML's specification of java.util.Hashtable.
 class Properties
 class TreeMap
          JML's specification of java.util.TreeMap.

Methods in java.util with parameters of type Map
abstract  void Map.putAll(Map t)
 void Hashtable.putAll(Map t)
 void AbstractMap.putAll(Map t)
(package private)  void HashMap.putAllForCreate(Map m)
 void HashMap.putAll(Map t)
 void TreeMap.putAll(Map map)

Constructors in java.util with parameters of type Map
Hashtable(Map t)
HashMap(Map m)
TreeMap(Map m)

Uses of Map in javax.servlet

Methods in javax.servlet that return Map
abstract  Map ServletRequest.getParameterMap()
 Map ServletRequestWrapper.getParameterMap()

Uses of Map in org.jmlspecs.jmldoc.jmldoc_142

Fields in org.jmlspecs.jmldoc.jmldoc_142 declared as Map
(package private)  Map

Uses of Map in org.jmlspecs.jmlrac

Fields in org.jmlspecs.jmlrac declared as Map
private static Map TransUtils.wrapperClasses
          Mapping from primitive types to their wrapper classes
private  Map Main.racFileMap
          Map from temp RAC file names to their original file names

Methods in org.jmlspecs.jmlrac that return Map
protected  Map Main.getFileMap()
          Accessor method to racFileMap.

Methods in org.jmlspecs.jmlrac with parameters of type Map
protected  void Main.setFileMap(Map map)

Uses of Map in org.jmlspecs.jmlrac.runtime

Fields in org.jmlspecs.jmlrac.runtime declared as Map
protected static Map JMLChecker.coverage
          A map to hold information about coverage
static Map JMLSurrogate.methods
private  Map JMLOldExpressionCache.cache
          Map for (key, value) pairs.

Uses of Map in org.jmlspecs.jmlspec

Fields in org.jmlspecs.jmlspec declared as Map
(package private)  Map
          Map of fully-qualified class names (/-separated) to the arrays of ASTs that hold the parsed versions of all of the refinement files.

Uses of Map in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit

Fields in org.jmlspecs.jmlunit declared as Map
private  Map TestClassGenerator.NameGenerator.names

Uses of Map in org.jmlspecs.racwrap

Fields in org.jmlspecs.racwrap declared as Map
private  Map Main.wrapMap
          maps directories to classes in that directory for which racwrap has generated files.

Uses of Map in org.multijava.mjc

Classes in org.multijava.mjc that implement Map
(package private) static class CAugmentationMap.ContextMap
static class CGFCollectionMap.SetMap

Fields in org.multijava.mjc declared as Map
private static Map CTopLevel.gfCollSingletonMap
          Maps from qualified names to CGenericFunctionCollection singletons.
private  Map ParsingController.keyStreamBufferMap
          Maps keys to lexers and buffers
private static Map Debug.metaDebugMap
private static Map Debug.profileMap

Methods in org.multijava.mjc with parameters of type Map
private  void JMethodCallExpression.typecheckUniverse(CExpressionContextType context, Map methodTypeVariablesMap)
          Typecheck the universe properties of the method call.
private  void JMethodCallExpression.typecheckUniverseArgument(CClassType parameterType, JExpression argument, Map methodTypeVariablesMap, CContextType context, int parameterPosition)
          Checks the correctness of the universe modifiers of an argument passed to a method as a parameter.
private  CClassType JMethodCallExpression.getFullySubstitutedType(CClassType type, Map methodTypeVariablesMap, CContextType context)
          Substitutes the type variables of a method parameter.

Uses of Map in org.multijava.mjdoc.mjdoc_142

Fields in org.multijava.mjdoc.mjdoc_142 declared as Map
protected static Map
          Map of CClass to MjClassDoc for all classes encountered in parsing.
private  Map MjPackageDoc.classes
          A map of the classes registered as in this package (String -> ClassDoc), where the String is the name of the class (with enclosing classes, '.'
private static Map MjPackageDoc.packages
          A map of all the packages created (String -> MjPackageDoc), where the String is the name ('/' separated and terminated) of the package.
private  Map MjRootDoc.classes
          Holds a mapping from the qualifiedTypeName of a class/interface to the MjClassDoc object that wraps it.
private  Map MjRootDoc.packages
          Holds a mapping from the name of a package to the MjPackageDoc object that wraps it.

Uses of Map in org.multijava.relaxed.runtime

Fields in org.multijava.relaxed.runtime declared as Map
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.loadedClassesAndInterfaces
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.topConcreteSubclassesMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.sigsRequiringCompletenessCheckingMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.signaturesMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.sigImplementationsMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.glueAnchorClassAnnotationsMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.unreachableSigsMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.loadedBaseAnchorSigsMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.loadedSubAnchorSigsMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.loadedGlueSigsMap
protected  Map RMJClassLoader.interfaceSpecializedSignaturesMap

Methods in org.multijava.relaxed.runtime with parameters of type Map
protected  void RMJClassLoader.verifyNonAmbiguityAgainstAll(RMJSignature sig, Map loadedSigsMap, boolean isOld, List toBeLoaded, boolean onlyCheckIfHasIntSpec)
protected  void RMJClassLoader.registerNonAmbiguousSig(RMJSignature sig, Map loadedSigsMap)


JML is Copyright (C) 1998-2002 by Iowa State University and is distributed under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This release depends on code from the MultiJava project and is based in part on the Kopi project Copyright (C) 1990-99 DMS Decision Management Systems Ges.m.b.H.