Interface StrategyType

All Known Subinterfaces:
BooleanStrategyType, ByteStrategyType, CharStrategyType, DoubleStrategyType, FloatStrategyType, IntStrategyType, LongStrategyType, ShortStrategyType
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractExtensibleStrategyDecorator, AbstractFilteringStrategyDecorator, BooleanAbstractStrategy, ByteAbstractStrategy, CachedObjectAbstractStrategy, CharAbstractStrategy, CompositeStrategy, DoubleAbstractStrategy, FloatAbstractStrategy, IntAbstractStrategy, LongAbstractStrategy, NewObjectAbstractExtensibleStrategyDecorator, NewObjectAbstractExtensibleStrategyDecorator.NewObjectAbstractExtensibleStrategyDecorator$1, NewObjectAbstractStrategy, NonNullStrategyDecoratorTest.NonNullStrategyDecoratorTest$1, ObjectStrategy.ObjectStrategy$1, ShortAbstractStrategy

public interface StrategyType

Strategies for providing test data. These simply consist of a method iterator(), which can be called to return a new IndefiniteIterator object.

Gary T. Leavens

Class Specifications

Specifications inherited from class Object
represents objectState <- org.jmlspecs.lang.JMLDataGroup.IT;
public represents _getClass <- \typeof(this);

Method Summary
 IndefiniteIterator iterator()
          Compute a fresh indefinite iterator, which can be used to provide test data of some reference type.

Method Detail


public IndefiniteIterator iterator()
Compute a fresh indefinite iterator, which can be used to provide test data of some reference type. The indefinite iterator returned should be freshly created. Usually it should not be at its end. However, in rare cases it might make sense to have an empty iterator be computed (e.g., by filtering).

Specifications: non_null
assignable objectState;
ensures \fresh(\result );
ensures_redundantly \result != null;


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