3D User Interfaces

One of the primary research themes in the IS&UE RCE is developing and evaluating 3D user interfaces for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. In particular, we are focused on exploring how to bring 3D user interface techniques and concepts into mainstream video games by leveraging the existing body of work in 3DUI and VR and devising new strategies and methodologies for bringing spatial 3D interaction to gamers. Additionally, we are interested in the continued learning and understanding of how humans interact with and are affected by 3D interfaces.

Spatial 3D Interaction in Video Games

With the release of a variety of new motion controllers for both PC and console gaming, 3D user interfaces are becoming commonplace in modern games. The focus of this work is to explore how to best utilize 3D spatial interaction in the video game domain by examining existing interaction techniques and creating novel ones as well as understanding how these interfaces affect users.